Do you struggle to wind down and find it difficult to actually relax?

Do you want to feel better in your body by building strength & flexibility?

Do you feel self-conscious or uncertain about whether yoga is for you? Perhaps you're a bit intimidated by the stereotype of a “yoga person”?

You've come to the right place.

In our welcoming, beginner-friendly Yoga Class, you will discover how GOOD your body can feel, and how simple it can be to enjoy deep relaxation.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of rolling hills and open skies of Springwood Studio, leave feeling clear, energised and restored.

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Terms and Conditions

Upon booking and participating in class, you agree and understand that:

  • Yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, stress re-education and relief of muscular
  • tension.
  • As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely
  • eliminated.
  • You will not perform any postures to the extent of strain or pain. If you experience any pain or discomfort, you will listen to
  • your body, adjust the posture and ask for support from the teacher.
  • Yoga is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga is not recommended and not safe under certain medical conditions.
  • You alone are responsible to decide whether to practice yoga and that you have consulted your doctor where necessary.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the teacher of any condition or injury before every yoga class.
  • You agree to abide by all the COVID-19 regulations when you visit the studio.
  • Your name and email will be used by Seasonal Movement to notify you should any alterations to class timetable occur.
  • You accept that neither the teacher, nor the hosting facility, is liable for any injury or damages to person or
  • property, resulting from the taking of the class. You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that you have
  • now or hereafter may have against Springwood Yoga Studio, Seasonal Movement or its teaching.
  • You understand the importance of correct guidance and to not pass on nor teach any of the yoga techniques taught in class, without an understanding of the proper use of yoga and movement practices.

In registering for and by accessing these classes you accept and agree to these terms and conditions.